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A Conversation With: Brandon Burkey, Owner Xtreme Golf Mats

Xtreme Mats has been protecting investments by developing products for consumers that help provide protection against damage since 2013.

Xtreme Mats started in the cabinet industry and used our product application to launch into the golf industry.

The Xtreme Mat is the original under sink cabinet mat capable of holding several gallons of water in the event of a leak or product spill. Our mats are designed to fit many different cabinet manufacturers’ base cabinets. Xtreme Mat’s design ensures a snug fit, reducing the potential for water damage to the cabinet and possibly your floors. Our mats can be installed in any base cabinet with or without a center support.

The headquarters of Xtreme Mats, LLC is located in Orlando, Florida. Our warehouse consists of 101,000+ newly constructed square feet where we package and distribute our kitchen, bathroom, and utility mats as well as our new line of premium, full-coverage Golf Cart floor liners.

Xtreme Under Sink Mats – Launched2013
Started with an under sink cabinet mat to fit a standard 36” wide kitchen depth base cabinet in beige and grey. In the following months we started to manufacture a mat for a 30” wide vanity depth cabinet in the same colors. By the end of 2018, we had 9 sizes in 2 colors with several more sizes coming in the near future.

Xtreme Water Sensor – Launched 2018
We decided to design our own water sensor that would complement our under sink cabinet mats.

Xtreme Golf Mats – Launched 2019
Xtreme Mats decided to create the first full-coverage after market golf cart mat to protect the OEM flooring. We wanted to create a stylish floor liner that would complement the other designer touches now being introduced into the golf cart industry.

What does your company do…

Xtreme Mats has created a FULL COVERAGE golf cart floor liner mat that was laser measured to fit as if it came directly from the manufacturer. Our heavy-duty, 8-mm rubber mat will not slide around or become dislodged over rough terrain.  Our mats produce no VOCs so you won’t have to worry about it stinking up your garage either!  Our patent-pending design picks up where the other guys left off.  Unlike other golf cart mats that offer only partial coverage, Xtreme Mats won’t limit where riders can place their feet and you won’t end up with a pile of dirt behind your floor mat. Xtreme Mats Golf Cart Mat covers your entire OEM flooring from the bottom of the dash down to the base of the seat.  No longer worry about mud, water or dirt damaging your cart’s flooring! We’re here to help increase the life of your cart, and in doing so, its value too, by protecting the factory flooring.

Xtreme Mats believes you shouldn’t have to compromise function for fashion; our golf cart mats offer both. Xtreme Golf Cart Mats are available with red, black, or grey trims to complement almost any aesthetic and more colors are coming soon.


Full coverage mat from dash down to the base of the seat

Patented design of the floor mat and custom Xtreme Clip for securing the mat (no tools required)

  • Laser-measured for a snug fit around pedals and seat base
  • One-piece design
  • Slip-resistant (non-slip) material
  • Rugged mat 8mm thick
  • Signature diamond pattern channels away sand and water

Any other details to share…

New to marketplace and one of a kind. Xtreme Golf Cart Mats are the most advanced floor protection available today for your personal transportation vehicles. Our digital laser measurements ensure our mats fit like a glove. Select a trim color to accent or complement your paint, accessories, and seats. We’re the only after-market mat in the industry that covers your entire floor area- from dash to seat. *Patent Pending 29/695,584.
Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to your success…

Customer service, quality, attention to detail.

Is there anything else our readers should know about your company…

Xtreme Mats believes you shouldn’t have to compromise function for fashion; our golf cart mats offer both.  Our patented full coverage design picks up where the other guys left off.  The Xtreme Mats Golf Cart Floor Liner Mat is the only mat to offer a full-coverage custom fit.  Our signature diamond pattern creates a non-slip surface that also channels away sand and water while maintaining a sleek, stylish design.  Available in a range of trim colors to complement almost any aesthetic.

At Xtreme Mats, we’re always here for our customers and business partners. We listen to our customers’ comments and concerns and respond promptly. We’re here to make a quality product, provide superior service, and assist in your transaction. Xtreme Mats is open to suggestions and feedback on our products and service; we’re always looking to improve.

Contact info…
Xtreme Mats LLC  |  1095 W Morse Blvd Suite 203  |  Winter Park FL 32789
customerservice@xtrememats.com  |  brandon@xtrememats.com  |  Xtremematsgolf.com