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A Conversation With: Greg Lewis, V.P. Operations, Electric Warranty Group (EWG)

The beginning…

Electric Warranty Group is the Exclusive Extended Warranty Provider in the Golf and Electric Cart Industry.

Electric Warranty Group (EWG) was founded in 2016 by Justin Weathers, who, for years, provided extended warranties to the automotive industry.

Weathers correctly predicted that the electric cart industry would soon experience significant growth, specifically, the increased sales of used and refurbished golf carts. By providing extended warranties on refurbished carts, EWG could solve the problem for tens of thousands of golf cart owners while helping dealers simplify the service of these vehicles.

EWG was recently acquired by PT Ventures LLC whose founders, Christian Amico and Trevor Rose, are both heavily involved in the golf cart industry, and EWG’s growth has been explosive.

PT Ventures LLC is a multifaceted venture capitalist firm and in addition to being the parent company of EWG, it has several multi-million dollar companies in it’s portfolio. EWG is part of an established family of successful businesses and benefits from both human and financial resources that are broad-reaching.

What services do you offer to the golf car industry…

EWG is not a golf cart OEM. EWG provides extended warranties on new and used electric and gas golf carts and are the pioneers of the golf cart and electric vehicle warranty marketplace. EWG has provided just over six-thousand warranties since inception.

EWG delivers limited warranty programs to the golf cart, LSV and electric vehicle marketplace enabling our nationwide authorized dealer network to add value to their product line and offer peace of mind to their clients, while mitigating their own risk of having to pay for costly repairs if using their own warranties.

Our limited warranties included 6 month, 12 month, 24 month & 36 month terms. Many of our dealers simply build the cost of the warranty into the price of the vehicle so there is no awkward upsell.

Recent happenings…

EWG has recently partnered with three electric cart OEM groups who are providing our warranties on all of their wholesale carts. We are proud to be partnering with not only high-quality refurbished cart providers, but also new cart manufacturers.

We are also very excited to have begun new partnerships internationally, working with dealerships in both Canada and Belize and are in talks to begin partnerships in Western Europe as well.

We are confident that EWG will have a global impact on the electric cart industry.

Our achievements can be described in terms of what we are known for:

  • Rigorous, objective market research;
  • Brining product and market knowledge to those who need it most;
  • Insights into where the industry is headed and opportunities for future development.

What has been your secret to success…

The best way to answer this question is to share what are dealer partners say about us.
The secret to success is we build true relationships with our dealers, OEMs and customers. Our customer service is superb and we treat people the way we would want to be treated.
Here are just a few real dealer testimonials we have received recently.

“EWG has given Charleston Custom Cart the ability to add even more piece of mind to our customers while limiting our exposure and providing more bottom line value to all our cart sales.” Matt Smith Charleston Custom Carts

“EWG has provided Metrolina Carts great benefits with their warranty program. By providing this no hassle warranty, our customers reap the benefits, while helping our company generate sales! EWG is definitely the best in the business!” Brett Elliot Metrolina Carts

“Our team at Revel 42 is continuously impressed with the dealer support and customer service of EWG. Having been a partner of theirs for years we believe everyone should take advantage of their 5 star service of and unbeatable coverage. They are well worth the investment and take care of their customers.” Chris Wild Revel 42 Golf Carts

Anything else you would like our readers to know about EWG…

There are a numerous benefits for dealers to add our warranties.

  • Our warranties help increase dealer sales because the customers are more confident about buying a fully-covered cart. Our warranties increase profits for a dealer who buy our warranties at cost and resell them at a profit.
  • Our warranties minimize risk for a dealer because if something goes wrong with a cart they sold, EWG pays for the repairs and finds a certified service center nationwide.
  • If a dealer becomes a certified service center with EWG, they increase service revenue and reach more potential customers because EWG sends them service work.

Because EWG warranties are fully transferable, warrantied golf carts hold more resale value. Dealers can use this to educate their customers on the value of purchasing a warranty.

Contact Info:
Electric Warranty Group (EWG)  | 1121 Park West Blvd Suite B-214  |  Mount Pleasant SC 29466  |  www.ewgcorp.com | sales@ewgcorp.com