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A Conversation With James Lang, CEO/Founder of Golfwurx

We would lke to thank James Lang at Golfwurx for sharing this insider look at his company.

Jim, can you please tell our readers about your company’s history.

Unlike most of your “A Conversation With” articles, this one will be very different, as most all of your “Conversations” include folks with years of experience in the golf cart industry. We on the other hand have over 60 years Aerospace Design and Engineering experience collectively and apply this knowledge to the golf cart industry.

We had been working on an Electric Vehicle program when Covid hit, and we decided to pause this program and start designing the s6 single-rider golf cart. As a group of Engineers who love golf this project was a perfect fit for us, realizing this was going to be a solution for social distancing requirements and so much more. We researched which single-rider vehicles were currently on the market and thought we could do better. Our sister companies InspecTech Aero Service Inc. and iCabin Systems are Aerospace manufacturing companies that make really cool products for the Corporate Jet Market, so this kind of challenge was nothing new to us.

We got to work and developed our own version of an electric single rider cart. The result was a three-wheel cart with a powerful 2000W motor, a stable ride and fully loaded with accessories to satisfy every golfer. Field-testing showed that individual carts could speed up the pace of play without rushing the golfer or jamming up tee-times. Golfers enjoy a comfortable and safe ride, and courses realize more throughputs on the same real estate. Putting all this together we figured this would make a business out of this innovation, so we launched Golfwurx in 2019. We established a Tech Center at 99 Hawthorne St., Pittsfield MA our main base of operations, with a field office in Ft. Lauderdale FL.

What does your company do?

Golfwurx is focused on two main product lines: manufacturing the s6 EV, and the iCart Golf Course management system. We use our experience from our iCabin App (Cabin Management System) that is used on Corporate Jets and applying similar technology to the iCart system. iCart System is a hybrid software system that provides value added features:

Food & Beverage Ordering
Full Course GPS
Pace of Play information
Geo Fencing Protected Zones
Point-to-Distance Feature
Digital Scorecard
Two-Way Communication with beverage carts
Digital Leaderboard
Detail hole flyovers
Advertising Program

The iCart system is one that creates selling opportunities to increase golf course annual revenues and provides golfers a new and different experience.

Are there any significant achievements that you can tell us about?

Golfwurx has recently partnered with John Daly’s Heart of a Lion Foundation https://www.jdme.org/ and the MoBetta Golf Tour https://www.mobettagolf.com/ We are designing 10 series of limited edition s6 EV’s for the Heart of a Lion Foundation. This limited edition series will be one of kind paint jobs, which will be as wild as John Daly’s golf apparel. The first series of s6 EV’s will be showcased at the first MoBetta Golf Tournament this December at Troon North. After the tournament these limited edition s6 EV’s will be auctioned and all the proceeds will go to the Heart of a Lion Foundation. Golfwurx is honored to be working with this charity.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to your success?

Our Aerospace background gives us the advantage on designing and engineering beautiful and functional machines, leveraging new technology to advance the state of the game. Golfwurx’s motto: Golfing Different.

99 Hawthorne Ave | Pittsfield, MA 01201 | jim@golfwurx.com | www.golfwurx.com