A Conversation With

A Conversation With: Justin Jackrel, Owner Bintelli LLC

Big thanks to Justin at Bintelli for sharing this insider look at his company.

We appreciate you taking the time to answer a few questions. Can you please tell our readers about your company’s history?

We are proud to have just celebrated our 20th anniversary! Our founder and president, Justin Jackrel started the company back in 2000 as a retail operation in Florida. Having been on the retail side for over 20+ years has helped to positively shape our dealer program. Being able to fully understand what a dealership goes through each day has allowed us to thrive and grow the way we have. In 2015, the entire company was relocated up to Charleston, South Carolina to quadruple our facility size to be able to accommodate the increased demand for our products. In 2020, we once again expanded our manufacturing facility, increased our staff size by 63%, and are already in the works for another expansion in 2021 to ensure we can continuously increase our monthly manufacturing output for the industry’s most wanted cart – the Bintelli Beyond.

What does your company do?

We are a manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of the Bintelli Beyond line of electric golf carts and LSVs – the most fully loaded LSV in our price point. We ship worldwide and have a nationwide dealer network with protected territories. Simply put, our goal is to provide the best value LSV in the industry. Each of our Bintelli Beyond LSVs includes an all-aluminum frame, powerful AC motor, Bluetooth sound system, two-tone matching seats, dual USB plugs, extended roof, onboard smart charger, 14” wheels, LED lights, and more! There simply isn’t a better value cart in the industry which is why the demand for our vehicles is through the roof. Our dealers are doing an incredible job of demonstrating that value to our customers and often selling out of inventory before it hits their showrooms. All vehicles are built in our South Carolina manufacturing plants and we are pleased to offer Dealer Floorplanning (through Northpoint) and retail financing (through Roadrunner / Octane).

Have any of your golf cars been featured somewhere? Does your business get involved in the community? Is your product one-of-a-kind? New to the marketplace?

It’s no surprise that 2020 has been a trying year for many. I believe first and foremost, our crowning achievement this year has been simply how much we and our dealer network have grown this year in one of the most chaotic years in recent memory. There is no better feeling delivering truckload after truckload and having all of the vehicles sold before they even hit the showroom – it means we (and our dealers) are doing something right! With success, it’s always important to give back and support the local community and I am so excited that we have partnered with the Lowcountry Food Bank and have already donated 100,000 meals to hungry kids and locals.

Is There A Characteristic Or Quality That You Feel Is Essential To Your Success?

We’ve been in this business a long time and have seen the industry from all angles – retailer, manufacturer, and distributor. I believe a key to our success has been our eagerness to continue to improve and develop products that both dealers and end users want. Our sales and support staff are constantly working with our dealer family to ensure the products we put out are the best value around. We take feedback very seriously. While other distributors focus on opening as many dealerships as possible, we take the opposite approach. We don’t want to put dealers on top of each other. We want to align ourselves with the right partners and support them through thick and thin. Our relationships with our dealers means everything to us. We are easy to work with (everyone makes business so hard these days), give exclusive territories, pass on leads in those territories, and truly get excited to support and watch our dealers grow year after year!

Anything else you would like our readers to know about you?

Our current dealers are growing with us at such a rate, we’re only going to take on a handful of additional dealerships for 2021, so if you’re interested, be sure to reach out soon! We can’t thank this industry enough for all the support over the last twenty years and I know I speak for all of us at Bintelli, along with our dealerships across the country, that we’re extremely excited for a successful 2021.

CONTACT: Bintelli   |  2137 Savannah Highway  |  Charleston, SC 29414  |  Sales@Bintelli.com | www.BintelliEV.com