A Conversation With

A Conversation With: Karlos Walkes, CEO, Co-Founder, Team XiQ

Hi Karlos, first, thank you for taking the time to meet with us.

Let’s start by telling our readers how Team XiQ came about…

XiQ began as a result of an “aha!” moment experienced by Co-Founder/CTO, Florian Meier. While living in a large golf cart community, Florian recognized an inherent security risk faced by many cart owners…all golf carts use the same ignition key! This insight led Florian to build an initial prototype, which he immediately began to sell with a local golf cart dealer. Co-Founder/CEO Karlos Walkes began to investigate other dealers’ potential interest in what soon became known as the “Stinger.” After conducting dealer trials and customer discovery, Karlos recognized a clear market need and opportunity. Through vigorous R&D, the “Stinger” has quickly evolved into a product offering significant value and growth for the golf, construction, utility, and recreational vehicle market. The “Stinger” is more than just a digital “key”, it’s a patented system that provides new levels of security, mobile engagement, and big data (SaaS) opportunities.

What exactly does your company do…

XiQ (short for ElectroniXiQ) is a technology solutions team that specializes in innovative keyless vehicle security, activation and engagement systems with dynamic mobile platform interactivity. We’re the makers of a keyless vehicle activation system with dynamic smartphone engagement and data processing.

This patented smart device, soon to known as the FleetQi™(fleet-key) (formerly known as the “Stinger,”) replaces the conventional key ignition on non-automotive vehicles. The goal is to serve this market with innovative solutions that specifically address their needs. This all starts with getting rid of the key. When we started out, we understood golf cart theft was due to the keys being so similar. More customers began to request our product for vehicles other than carts. Soon, we realized our keyless device was an elegant and simple solution for various types of non-automotive vehicles such as LSVs, UTVs, forklifts, etc.

Essentially, XiQ has become the gateway of technological opportunity to help evolve this largely untapped and underserved market.

Are there any significant achievements you’d like to tell us about…

Top Deck Golf Carts, located in Port Aransas, Texas, has committed to an initial three-year purchase plan that will see the patented Stinger™ ignition device installed on more than 1,500 rental golf carts at four coastal resorts near Corpus Christi, Texas.

Along with the partnership announcement, XiQ also reveals the new FleetQi™(fleet-key) brand to mark the maturity milestone of their fleet security device. Kyle Wagner, Owner of Top Deck Golf Carts said, “We plan to include this technology, that’s made in the USA, on future expansions which will at least double our current fleet over the next four to five years.” Additionally, the devices were so well received by the Top Deck staff that both parties have begun early discussions about adding the devices to future boat rental fleets managed by Top Deck.

Top Deck Golf Carts is the largest rental cart outfitter in the State of Texas. The company specializes in luxury upgrades such as patented customized canopies and electronic add-ons. Top Deck’s growth has benefited from excellent customer experiences, lifestyle enhancing custom vehicles, and their ability to secure exclusive supplier deals with several large upscale urban community developments along the coastal region. They have several locations near Corpus Christie, Texas with headquarters in Port Aransas.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to your success…

Our execution is all about evolution. The motivation behind every conceptualization, upgrade, and redesign is constant and consistent product improvement. This applies to vehicle enhancement, product performance and user experience. Of the many things we do, we’re thinking one thing…be better.

This is all driven by a clear and consistent core philosophy. We like tech. We love people. Therefore, we create technological solutions that help people. Our goal is to empower customers with tools to engage their assets. The essence of this engagement is human experience. We work to include humans in the interactive lifestyle. We’re driven to enable the evolution of human inclusion with innovation. We believe people should have control over their things to enhance work, play and life. Not the other way around.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you…

Our customers span from the retail customer to the large corporate fleet. XiQ’s appreciation of our customers is fueled by the opportunity to serve their differing needs. Our ideal retail client uses their vehicle during their daily lifestyle. The FleetQi™ is a great tool for enhanced security and convenience. Our ideal corporate client is the large fleet with widespread asset management challenges. Especially those with the ambition to grow their vehicle inventory into more cities or states. With both, it all begins with getting rid of the key. Once that threshold is crossed, a new and energizing reality emerges for everyone. XiQ has sold numerous consumer devices to recreational or non-automotive distributors as well as individual cart enthusiasts. The Stinger™ is now available at select retailers. FleetQi™ technology is now available for commercial fleet partnerships. XiQ has been recognized by many cart communities and featured in numerous articles covering startup ventures worth following. The team is proud to have developed, designed and assembled their products in the United States of America.

Contact info: XiQ  |  88 North Avondale Rd. #506  |  Avondale Estates, GA 30002   | Email: getstung@teamxiq.com   |  Website: teamxiq.com