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A Conversation With: Mark Wilson Owner of NasCarts, Ponte Vedra, Florida

Behind any great business or idea is the need for change in a community. NasCarts was formed under that principle.
Like any other story, NasCarts started with a problem that needed a solution. The market for purchasing a golf cart seven years ago was not even half of what the industry is today. Families would take to Google or Craigslist and scroll for hours and hours until they found “the perfect cart”. What seemed like a financially sound decision, would soon turn into a nightmare. After purchasing your new toy, it would begin to sputter and cough. Family outings would be cut short because charges wouldn’t hold, and no one wants to be stuck on the side of the road. Like a patient at the doctor’s office, families would play the guessing game of “What could it possibly be?” NasCarts knows these struggles and frustrations because we went through it. When my dad purchased the first official NasCart, it was for our family. What seemed like a fun new mode of transportation, morphed into a case of “What did I get myself into?”
After weeks of playing with battery cables, terminals (and a few electricity shocks later), we brought in a professional. Jerimiah Hudges aka the Cart Professor had the talent and ambition any customer would hope to put their trust in. He seemed to be able to smell the golf cart and diagnose what was wrong with them. He was an essential part of the foundation that is NasCarts. Months later, my dad and Jerimiah decided there was a need for information in this industry. Then, NasCarts was born.
Never in a million years could we have predicted the response from the public. The common philosophy was to “inform and teach.” Anyone can try and sell a golf cart, but NasCarts was formed under a much bigger mindset. We have personally been through the “hard sell” and gotten what we paid for. We have a chip on our shoulder because we remember what it was like to have someone get over on us. I vividly remember calling my dad to come to pick me up on the side of the road after he purchased a used cart with “good used batteries”. We have all been there…purchasing something but not getting the whole story. This was an experience we promised we would never give our customers. Fast forward seven years later, we have learned and grown into the company we are today.
Our 7,000 square ft facilities have been purposely designed for our customers to walk through and see our refurbishment process first hand. They will meet all of our technicians, sales staff and will have a transparent process while doing it. Not only is it transparent, but it’s fun. We have an excellent design team ready to make exclusive golf carts that cant been found anywhere else. My grandmother came out of retirement to do all of our hand-stitched designs for our seat covers. Her background as a fashion designer and seamstress allows her expertise to offer one of a kind packages for our families. Our innovative body colors are hard to miss and even harder to copy. Two-tone body colors like bright Aquas, pearl whites and metallic purples turn heads and attract excitement.
No little details go un-noticed and each aspect of the cart is finished and badged with the iconic “NasCarts” emblem. Not only do we sell an eye-popping cart, but we make them to last. With every cart purchase, our families become a part of the exclusive “NasCarts Nation” where a red carpet gets rolled out with every visit. Along with a one year “bumper to bumper” warranty our customers receive free maintenance for life.
The majority of our families can conveniently drive their cart to our facility. Our location allows us to engage in monthly service check-up’s, local charity events and grand openings. We strive to have a presence in every community we reach including the North Florida area and many locations in North Carolina and South
Georgia. In today’s day and age, it’s important to have comradery and respect. Both are true here at NasCarts. Our family values have never quavered because we treat all our customers the way we wish to be treated. People don’t always remember what you say but how you act. We have a stitch “zero policy” for discrimination towards anyone which includes budget or lack of inexperience. We encourage families to walk into our shop with an open mind ready to learn about what we love to do. This is not only a business but a lifestyle.
We have employed over 8 expert mechanics to help support their families My mom has now come aboard as one of our master marketers and financial advisors. My family has been able to put me through college. My dad and I consider this the crown epitome of a family business and are grateful every day for this opportunity. What has started as a small family business has grown to be a household brand.
Contact Info:
NasCarts | Sawgrass Village Location | 340 Front Street Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 or 10940 US 1 North | Ponte Vedra, FL 32081 | (904) 429-7861 | www.nascarts.com