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A Conversation With: With Steve Wilmer, Account Executive at Stenten’s Golf Cart Accessories

Thanks for sharing the Stenten’s story with us Steve.

In the early 80’s Marilyn Stenten worked as an outside sales rep selling Bimini Tops for boats and enclosures for golf carts. When she was calling on one of her dealers she inquired as to where they purchased their other golf cart accessories. After the dealer finished laughing, he explained that there wasn’t really a supplier for golf cart accessories and that he was forced to modify auto parts. This is when the seed was planted, and it really has not stopped growing. Marilyn established Stenten’s Golf Cart Accessories and began manufacturing a small number of parts that she distributed to local dealers in Florida. Marilyn recruited her son Stan to help in the business and his role has flourished into the main driving force that continues to push the company today.

Stenten’s is constantly expanding warehouse space, product line, and personnel, and they have been truly fortunate in finding and retaining great employees. All which have the same goal in mind: treat people as you want to be treated, be fair, be competitive, and always try to add things or alter ways to make our dealers’ lives easier. One of the first print catalogs that Stenten’s offered to dealers was only about 30 pages, compared to last years that had over 700 pages. You can see we supply more than just coolers and windshields. We have expanded to a large variety of OEM parts along with a great deal of hard parts to compliment all our accessories. A lot has changed through the years but Stenten’s commitment to customer service never has.

I think what sets Stenten’s apart from other large golf cart wholesalers of parts and accessories is that they are family owned and operated. We fight for the smaller dealer because Stenten’s was once a smaller supplier, but we know what requires attention and that’s the connection we build with our customers. They may be a small dealer now, but we share their dreams of opening multiple stores and selling tons of custom carts. It doesn’t matter if you are buying a one-dollar part or a thousand-dollar part, we are genuinely happy for your order and we will let you know it.

The quality that I feel is essential to Stenten’s success is what Marilyn has instilled and stayed true to since the beginning, you cannot go wrong with the K.I.S.S. principle. Keep It Simple Stupid! If you tell a customer that you will call them back, Call them back! If a customer tells you a problem and you tell them you will fix it for them, Fix it! It comes down to just doing what you say you will do. I have called customers back simply to tell them that I have no new information, but I am still working on their request just because I said I would return their call before the end of the business day. Stenten’s cannot always compete on pricing but no one can touch our customer service.

If you sell golf carts and don’t have an account with Stenten’s what are you waiting for? We would love to talk with you and learn about your story and see if we can help you with your parts and accessory needs.

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