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Advanced EV Launches Full Electric Vehicle Line-up


Advanced EV, a Texas based electric vehicle manufacturer, is no longer producing just personal transportation vehicles (PTVs), but has officially entered the commercial vehicle space.

Following the drastic growth of the personal transportation industry, Advanced EV has invested marketing dollars into the commercial space. Their new line make, Advanced HD, will offer an array of industrial vehicles ranging from simple cargo movers, to more complex units with features such as drop down rails and hydraulic dump-beds. The company plans to keep inventory on hand to support its push with 2022 model year vehicles.

Prior to the launch of Advanced HD, Advanced EV refreshed its original PTV offerings. With the rebrand of the EV1 and introduction of the Advent, its new luxury model, Advanced EV has made quite the splash in the market recently. The Advent is the company’s focus moving forward, with its aesthetically pleasing design, AC Toyota controller, and best in class ride quality.

Advanced EV believes this wide range of vehicle offerings will provide instant value to its dealer network. The Advent line up gives dealers a premium option, the EV1 line offers economical value, and the Advanced HD line offers a new stream of revenue for dealers that have never been able to penetrate the commercial space. On top of Advanced EV’s product offerings, additional benefits such as DLL Floorplan, Sheffield Financing, & a website redesign with a dealer locator, are positioning them to be a strong OEM partner. With industry growth expected to continue into the next decade, Advanced EV has positioned itself to be a major player.

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