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BatteryJack Releases New State of the Art Maintenance Free Sealed Electric Vehicle Battery Line

Sealed AGM Maintenance Free 6V and 8V Electric vehicle batteries now available

With summer brings the popularity of golf carts and RV’s. The demand for the batteries has been more aggressive in the past years due to the increased money flow to some family’s pockets with the stimulus checks.

BatteryJack has taken the opportunity to capitalize on the influx of orders for the popular Trojan T-105’s and T-875’s by bringing in a brand-new look and feel to the deep cycle all-purpose batteries. They have brought forth their love for the AGM, SLA, maintenance free, style of batteries and placed them in the competition with the flooded batteries that everybody has grown used to.

This EV (Electric Vehicle) series is specifically designed for frequent discharge deep cycle, the series battery offers reliable performance in high load situations provides competitive cycle performance. The PowerStar EV batteries are suitable for electric vehicles and golf carts, industrial equipment, floor machines, marine vehicles, and RV’s.

The company has stayed competitive with the boom of electric vehicles by producing a battery with multiple terminal variations to fit any application. The PowerStar EV has a threaded alloy recessed terminal to accept bolts with an SAE stud adaptor to cater to multiple variants of application that the battery can be used for.

With the release of the PowerStar EV 6v 200ah and the EV 8v 150ah, BatteryJack did not reject the safety for their customers that they strive for. They have implemented their impact and heat damage resistant casing, making it one of the safest drop-in and go batteries in the deep cycle market.

“Always being on the lookout for the new item to bring in is always a difficult task, however, this one was simple. The market needed a maintenance free style version of this battery so that it’s easier to ship and therefore able to get to more customers at affordable price,” says Donny Sweeney Operations Manager of BatteryJack.

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About: BatteryJack is family owned and an e-commerce company based on With 95 years of battery experience, they take their family atmosphere and imbue it within their customer service. Over the past 20 years they have battery patents for their cornerstone batteries such as the Banshee, PowerStar, and PowerStar H-D. Speculation of increased expansion shows a bright future for this family owned company.