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Build You Golf Cart

Build Your Golf Cart Software Brings Customization to the Next Level

Technology allows consumers to have more choices than ever before and one size no longer fits all. They want things their way and are willing to shell out the money to make that happen. This holds true in all aspects of their lives, including big dollar purchases like golf carts.

Mark Haugstad, web designer and creator of the Build Your Golf Cart (BYGC) software realized this while working on a website for a golf cart client. He saw the need for dealers to follow in the footprint of companies like Ford and Harley Davidson, by providing online customization of their golf cart builds. He knew that by offering extensive options to customers, the dealers could offer additional add-ons and increase their profit margins by 50% or more. With the goal of leaving no stone unturned, he set out to create a software that would allow people to start their golf cart building process from the ground up. In 2011 the original golf cart builder went live and has been evolving ever since.

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