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Camping: The Ideal Social Distancing Getaway

Like many families, we canceled our summer vacation plans as a COVID safety precaution. As the summer began to wind down to a close, we desperately needed a getaway. We considered a few different options before we settled on taking a camping trip. We rented an RV from a local RV dealer and made a reservation at Stone Mountain Campground in Georgia, right outside of Atlanta. It was amazing for many reasons.

Reasons We Love Camping

My family didn’t camp when I was a child but that didn’t stop me and my brother from pitching a tent in the yard and stargazing. We jumped at any chance to make and eat s’mores over a makeshift campfire. It only makes sense that as an adult, I love camping with my family.

Camping=Social Distancing

Under normal circumstances, we love camping, but in light of the pandemic, we love it even more. Campsites have an unspoken code that everyone should mind their own business. Sometimes you become friendly with the people at the campsite next to you, but most often, communication is a simple smile and wave. We were thrilled to be able to vacation for a week with no masks and no fear of contracting COVID. Our adventures included hiking Stone Mountain, fishing, campfires, long walks on nature trails, and an open car train ride. The fresh air was good for the soul and in line with safe social distancing.

Premium Location for a Small Price

This was a photo I took from our campsite. For $65/night, we had a million dollar view. This is only possible when you are camping. Stone Mountain Campground is located only 30 minutes outside of Atlanta, but tucked in a State Park that is heavenly. Waking up to this view for a week was one of my favorite things about this getaway.

Golf Cars are Welcome

We love vacations where our golf car is our primary means of transportation. It is fun and freeing and the kids love it. While campgrounds have a few golf car rules, every campground we have visited is golf car friendly. Having our golf car with us adds another layer of fun.
Reconnect with Nature

Let’s be honest- 2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year. And it’s not even over yet. There was something rejuvenating about the melodic sound of birds and tree frogs and rustling leaves. Reconnecting with nature was the best part of this camping trip. Truly taking time to sit on a mossy rock and look at the rippling water is calming and centering.

Reconnect with Each Other

When there are no distractions and we are forced to be together as a family, it’s reassuring to learn that we all still like each other. No TV, no tablets, and very limited phone use allowed us to focus on what (and who) is most important. That is invaluable.

My family is fortunate to have experienced many vacations over the years, but this one was our favorite. It was the quiet during the storm that we all needed. Whether we were cruising around on our golf car or hiking a nature trail, we suddenly appreciated the value of social distancing.

About the Author: The Owner of WHEELZ Custom Carts & Accessories, Julie Starr was one of the industry’s first online retailers of golf car products. Her eCommerce store,, has been serving golf car owners since 2008 and the store remains a popular online shopping experience for golf car owners who want to take their golf cars to the next level.