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Club Protector, Inc

For the past 30 years, Club Protector Inc. has traveled a path of innovation and creativity in the golf car industry. In the late 1980’s, the “Original Club ProtectorTM” was invented by our founder, William Held.  In 2004, Club Protector Inc. released the state-of-the-art and one-of-a-kind patented “Club Protector EliteTM”.  In 2012, Club Protector Inc. unveiled the “Retractable Roller EnclosureTM”. Club Protector Inc. will have their products on display at two major golf shows for 2018. The first is The PGA Merchandise show in Orlando Florida, January  24th-26th 2018 (booth number 2115).  The second show is The Villages Golf Festival in The Villages Florida, March 2nd-3rd 2018.

Patented “Retractable Roller EnclosuresTM”

The award winning “Retractable Roller EnclosuresTM” have many great features. No more rolling your curtains up by hand!! Simply pull a chain and the curtains roll up by themselves just like a window shade. The patented design eliminates wrinkled window vinyl and canvas which helps keep the curtains looking new. When the curtains are rolled up, you are left with a clean look of smooth canvas not wrinkled window vinyl – like traditional hand roll enclosures. Every time you roll the curtains down, the window vinyl is wrinkle free.

Another great feature of the roller enclosure is that the front half of the side curtain can be rolled up by the pull chain while keeping the rear half of the side down and zipped to the rear curtain.  The rear curtain also has its own roller and can be rolled up on hot days. The “Retractable Roller EnclosureTM”  is made of Sunbrella Awning Fabric which is one of the finest outdoor fabrics available. Sunbrella awning fabric has an array of solid colors and striped patterns so the customer can put together the “look” they truly have in mind. For the “complete look”, most customers add matching Sunbrella seat covers and a “Club Protector EliteTM” or “Original Club ProtectorTM”.

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