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ColorBond Seat Refinishing

ColorBond is a revolutionary molecular bonding paint that penetrates deep into plastic, vinyl and leather. Now you can easily restore or change the color of your golf car seats with fantastic results. OEM Certified. Available in 188 colors.


Anyone who owns a golf cart can attest to the wear put on the upholstery. The constant exposure to the elements and passengers getting in and out can quickly cause a once bright seat to look dull and dreary.

When our friend Aaron’s cart began to show the signs of use, he knew he had to grab the ColorBond. For only $49.95, he completely changed the look of the cart for a fraction of replacing the seats outright (at least $600).

He writes: “Your product is awesome and it totally changed the entire look of the cart. Like I said, I had done my research and started using your product a couple years ago with fixing up my sons first vehicle vs. using the stuff (DupliColor) you would get at Advance or Auto Zone. Your product is superior and the results prove it. The cart is the biggest job that I have performed with ColorBond but I think it turned out great!”

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