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Connecting With Other Golf Car Enthusiasts Is Only A Click Away (Reprint)

The golf car obsession is growing. It is easier than ever to troubleshoot your golf cart, order parts, connect with other golf cart owners, and share golf cart related photos and information. Talking about your golf cart at the dinner table, Chamber of Commerce meeting, or in the office may be frowned upon. But, that’s why we put together this list of places where everyone is just as fanatical about golf carts as we are.

Facebook Groups

• DIY Custom Golf Cart Enthusiasts. As part of a rapidly growing community of golf car owners who love to customize and personalize their E-Z-GO, Club Car, and Yamaha golf cars, this group will serve to provide tips, tricks, and products to make DIY golf car building easier. Please join us in sharing before and after photos, tips and tricks and even golf car issues.

• Custom Hunting Golf Carts. Golf cars are being converted into hunting buggies more frequently than ever. Join our community to share and learn tips and tricks for transforming your golf car into the ultimate hunting machine.
• Golf Cart Pics. Pictures of custom built golf cars.

• Golf Car Options. Golf Car Options Magazine features the latest in vehicle and product news, reviews, repair tips, and photos of how readers are modifying and using their golf cars.
• Golf Carts Modified. This page is to post any build or modification to your golf car beyond stock look! Feel free to give advice or your suggestions to help each other complete our builds.

• Lifted Golf Cart Forum. Looking for a place to share your Golf Cart builds and ask answer questions, this is it! Help me get this page started.

Pinterest Boards

• Pimp My Golf Cart Community. There are endless possibilities for transforming your simple golf car into a pimped out expression of your own style. We invite you to join our community board. (You can even request to be a contributor to this board.)

• Golf Cart DIY Upgrade Products. Paying high prices for a custom golf car is unnecessary with products designed for DIYers. 

Golf Car Forums

• Buggies Gone Wild. A private forum catering to golf car owners, registration is free. The forum contains thousands of answered questions and knowledgeable golf car owners, enthusiasts, and professionals.

• Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum. Cartaholics golf car forum is packed full of information about every make and model golf car. The forum covers technical questions, custom build photos, and threads for honest reviews of products brands. Registration is free.

You Tube

• Plum Quick Racing. Watch videos of the world’s fastest golf cars.

Joining golf car groups, forums, and boards and sharing your golf car photos, DIY fixes, and golf car tips is a way for you to contribute to our growing golf car community. Don’t start golf car conversations at the holiday dinner table or at a PTA meeting. Instead, join one or all of these groups and converse with your own golf car people. Your golf car tribe is only one click away.

About the Author: The Founder/Former Owner of WHEELZ Custom Carts & Accessories, Julie Starr, was one of the industry’s first online retailers of golf car products. The eCommerce store,, has served golf car owners since 2008 and remains a popular online shopping experience for golf car owners who want to take their golf cars to the next level.