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DSG Global Establishes First North American Facility For EV Assembly, Golf Cart Production

DSG Global (OTCQB:DSGT +6.1%) says it has signed a lease agreement for its first North American manufacturing facility, located in Palmdale, California.

The facility will be used to produce the company’s pacer single rider golf cart for its subsidiary Vantage Tag Systems and assemble multiple vehicle types and models of electric vehicle for its subsidiary Imperium Motor Corp.

The company notes that the facility is expected to be outfitted within three months to begin manufacturing.

“To become an Electric Vehicle assembly facility and Golf Cart Manufacturer in North America puts us in elite company. This facility will allow us to produce golf carts and assemble vehicles and meet the strong demand. It enables us to reduce delivery times and costs dramatically for our end customers. It shortens lead times and will be more environmentally friendly. We will be able to produce faster and warehouse a larger inventory, which will allow us to escalate our number of delivered vehicles exponentially,” says Bill Rex, President of Imperium Motors, EV Manufacturing Division.

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