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DSG Global’s New Single Rider Golf Cart, THE PACER Arrives in California

SURREY, British Columbia, June 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DSG Global (OTCQB: DSGT) announced that the first Vantage Golf Pacer arrived this week at the Dragon Fly Golf Club in Madera, California. This is the commencement of the marketing campaign for the vehicle.

Vantage Tag Systems (VTS) is currently finalizing its worldwide distributor/dealer network with 40 seasoned distributors/dealers in North America and 30 in other parts of the world. A similar program will commence in the Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand on August 1st.

VTS will also be ordering up to 25 containers (700 units) of the Pacer for installation on various golf courses throughout North America, offering one of its three unique styles. The program is designed to allow the course extra cash flow and the ability to follow COVID-19 Social Distancing Protocols while reducing germs and contamination.

Simultaneously, The Pacer single rider golf cart allows courses to increase the pace of play significantly over the more common and less efficient two passenger carts. They also come standard equipped with the Vantage Tag System which is upgradeable to the Infinity Screen.

The Pacers come in various colors and extra features designed for the individual market, especially gated communities, and is allowed to be road driven in certain states. Each cart comes with the Fleet Management Tracking software the company is known for.

Please visit safe greens for pictures and additional information.

“Due to current events, this is a highly valued and sought after product. We have generated significant preliminary interest and will begin taking orders this month. It is our goal to sell several thousand of these vehicles during the next twelve months and based on pre-commitments this number should be easily attainable. We have been able to fund this program without adding additional equity, thereby avoiding significant dilution. The company now has multiple significant revenue streams, all of which are accelerating,” stated Bob Silzer, President and CEO.


Vantage Tag Systems provides patented electronic tracking systems and fleet management solutions to golf courses and other avenues that allow for remote management of the course’s fleet of golf carts, turf equipment and utility vehicles. Its clients use VTS’s unique technology to significantly reduce operational costs, improve the efficiency plus profitability of their fleet operations, increase safety, and enhance customer satisfaction. VTS has grown to become a leader in the category of Fleet Management in the golf industry, with their technology installed in over vehicles worldwide. VTS is now branching into several new streams of revenue, through programmatic advertising, licensing and distribution, as well as expanding into Commercial Fleet Management, RAPTOR and PACER, single rider golf carts, and Agricultural applications. Additional information is available at