Cover Story

Excessive Carts

Rob Wallach, a retired Air Force Veteran with over twenty years of experience in the car audio and electronics business, started building custom golf carts in January 2016.

With one employee to help build the custom carts, Robert turned to social media to promote his business. He created an Excessive Carts Facebook page, invited all his friends, and started his first small ad campaign to draw users to his page. Within two weeks he had 3000+ likes, and people began visiting his 1800 sq ft. small shop. From it’s small two-person beginnings Excessive Carts has grown to 6000 sq ft and fourteen employees in twenty months.

Specializing in remanufacturing carts to make them more affordable (along with an award winning Nationwide Warranty), Excessive Carts lets the customer choose all of the components to build a truly unique vehicle, including colors, seats, covers, tires, accessories, stereo system, and more. Wallach’s service sets him apart from competition, and his cart creations help his customers stand out from crowd, whether on the course or just driving through the neighborhood.

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