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Ford Golf Carts Go Further

The iconic oval blue Ford badge will soon be seen across Australian golf courses.

Better known for its wide range of road vehicles, Ford’s licensed golf carts will start appearing in cart fleets in 2018.

These electric golf carts are designed and built specifically for golf course hire operations.

The carts are German engineered and boast a maintenance free 3.5kw AC motor, hot dip galvanized steel chassis with a 15-year warranty.

While the Ford golf carts have some high-tech features the focus of the fleet cart is on functional robust reliability. Ford golf carts are available only to golf courses on long term, highly competitive rates.

The carts will be available in two spec levels – 8-inch steel wheels with mechanical brakes or 10-inch alloy wheels, with electro-mechanical brakes and deluxe seating.

Both models feature regenerative braking. When a cart is slowing or traveling downhill the motor switches to generator mode and produces electricity that is pushed back into the batteries. This extends the cart’s range, with less electricity drawn from mains and effective engine braking. All carts also have an anti-walk-away feature. If a cart is left on a hill without the park brake locked on it will not roll away.

The NSW-based Golf Cart Group has been appointed exclusive distributors for the Ford golf Carts in Australia, NZ, Pacific Islands (including Fiji) and Indonesia.

There are plans to roll out a Ford golf cart to the retail market in 2018-2019.

For more details and technical aspects about the Ford golf cart, visit or call 1300861862.