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Golf Adventurers Complete Epic Journey In Golf Cart For New World Record

Pretoria’s renowned golf adventurer and entrepreneur, Heinrich du Preez, last week managed to complete his latest attempt to improve an official Guinness World Record with great success.

Over a period of eight days Du Preez and a friend, Gunter Engels, travelled 2000km in a standard golf cart to smash the existing record for the longest journey in a golf cart.

These two adventurers travelled in excess of 12 hours per day, at an average speed of 25km/h. During their journey, Du Preez and English had several challenges, of which heavy rain was probably the most awkward.

The previous record was 1665km (1034.6 miles) and it was set up in nine days in 2017 by three Indian nationals, who toured throughout India from 14-22 January 2017.

Heinrich du Preez and Gunter Engels at the Sun City resort with the Nedbank Challenge in progress in the background. Photo: Golf Car SA

Du Preez already holds 18 golf-related world records, of which many are officially recognized by the famous Guinness Book of Records.

To make this Guinness World Record attempt even more challenging, Du Preez and Engels started each day by playing a round of golf on seven different golf courses during their trip.  They started the trip on Sunday 4 November with a round of golf at the Serengeti Golf Club near Pretoria and on Sunday 11 November they celebrated the new record of 2000km with another round of golf at Serengeti.

During their journey Du Preez and Engels visited golf courses like Nelspruit Golf Club, Hans Merensky Golf Club in Palaborwa, Musina Golf Club, Mogol Golf Club in Lephalale, the Lost City golf course at the Sun City resort and the Goldfields West Golf Club in Carletonville.

The two men set this new record in a standard golf cart without any modifications, as stipulated by the Guinness World Record organization. The cart was sponsored and maintained on the route by Golf Car SA.

This new record attempt by Du Preez was another project as part of the Golfing for Teddy campaign. During this annual campaign golfers and companies within the golfing industry work together to collect Teddy Bears, which are then handed out to kids who spent Christmas in hospital.

Last year close to a thousand Teddy Bears were collected and delivered. For more information, visit their facebook page at