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Golf Cars Unlimited Leads the Way in Street Legal Golf Cars

Golf Cars Unlimited has the best selection of golf cars, low speed vehicles, and utility vehicles available for you. Owners, Donna and Jim Gardner, offer premium quality golf cars, from top manufacturers like Tomberlin, Polaris Gem, E-Z-Go, Evolution Electric Vehicles, Star EV, and Garia. The use of Golf Cars and Low Speed Vehicles can range from businesses, schools, colleges, municipalities and campgrounds to personal pleasure on the Island towns.

Built from the sturdiest as well as the lightest materials possible, the golf cars that we provide are fast, safe and street legal on roads of 25MPH. The cars are carefully fitted with all the elements necessary for style, comfor and efficiency, giving you the best value for your money.

We have a skilled servicing team and system that provides absolute customer satisfaction. Only original company approved products are used in case maintenance is needed.

Our services for 2020 include: Winter Storage for your vehicle that’s safe and secure, a new on-site Parts and Accessories department complete with additional equipment like accent lighting, upgraded tires, lift kits and more, Maintenance and Repair with our experienced technicians, we use the best industrial grade replacements for your car and our engineers expertly service your vehicle to ensure optimum output and Pick Up and Delivery of your golf car in the tall and redeliver your golf car clean, charged and ready tor another season..

What’s more? We do all of this while you sit back and relax!

Contact:  Golf Cars Unlimited  |  1882 Route 9 North, Clermont New Jersey  |  609-624-0400  |