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The Ninety Degree Magnetic Cigar Holder

NEW! The Ninety Degree Wedge – Magnetic Cigar Holder! Designed by a golfer for golfers.

Checklist for the Best Golf Cart Cigar Holder  

  • IT DOES NOT PINCH OR SQUEEZE YOUR CIGAR (pinching & squeezing will eventually rip the leaf)
  • Securely Holds Your Cigar to the cart
  • Easily Accessible in the cart
  • Holds a wide cigar gauge range
  • Has a Compact design

MADE ENTIRELY IN THE U.S.A., the Ninety Degree Wedge can handle a Lancero to a Gordo (60-ring gauge). The angular compact design keeps the cigars upright for a consistent and even burn while applying zero pressure to the leaf. The Ninety will gently hold your cigar ensuring that your stick is never damaged. With no gimmicky springs or clamps, the American made Ninety Degree has two strong magnets which allows placement anywhere in your golf cart. We have tested the Ninety in golf carts at full speed over curbs and thru divots with the cigar staying in place every time! (check out the videos on our website). So if you are looking for that wedge to increase your short game, look no further than the Ninety Degree Wedge, is will be the best wedge in your bag.

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