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Golf Cart Safety Handle

More than 15,000 people suffer injuries in golf cart accidents every year. Children and seniors have the greatest risk of all, making up nearly 60% of all golf cart accidents.

Never be AFRAID of FALLING OUT of a GOLF CART again! With the amazing New golf cart safety handle everyone feels safe.

This simple new design can give your passengers a much higher safety and comfort level! When that sudden left turn comes unexpectedly, your passenger will no longer be in fear of being thrown from the cart.


  • Solid steel with rust proof coating
  • One piece manufacturing
  • Install & remove in less that 5 minutes
  • Only a screwdriver is needed
  • Won’t damage or affect your cart or seat
  • Soft grip or smooth handle choices
  • White, Black, Red, Blue and more
  • Fits 95% of cart seats with front hinges
  • Stylish look and feel

$249.00 With FREE Shipping!  * All Stainless Steel available at $115.00 Extra

Comes in two styles and multiple colors. Custom colors available. Be the envy of your golf cart buddies and the first to sport this great new safety accessory. Don’t drive a cart without one!

Also available; Heavy-duty floor mounted safety pole with a clean food tray for your hot dog at the 10th tee or immediate access to your cell phone or damp towels on side-hooks. $160.00 Extra. For the complete list of health and safety benefits please visit or call 847-705-1940 for more info.

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