Golf Cart Stuck in Mud?

There will be many places where the golf cart would have to pass through mud or sand. If the cart is passing through mud and gets stuck, there are some action steps that need to be taken.

Initially, you will need to reduce the weight placed on the golf cart to prevent further sinking of your vehicle. If passengers are sitting on the cart, they should get off the cart, along with their kits and bags.

Now there is a need to make room for the tires to move a little. Turn your wheels left and right so that the mud will be displaced from the wheels, and you would be able to maneuver through.

After doing this, you will have to position your tires in a way that they are pointed straight ahead for the next try.

Manual cart drivers are required to shift the gear to neutral to allow the vehicle to move freely.

For automatics, use 1 or 2 and slowly give it gas.

If none of the above works, you will need to deflate the tires to get your cart out of the mud. Don’t forget to inflate the tires again.

If all of the above fails, place the floor mats in front of the tires so that the traction will result in movement of the cart.

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