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Golf Loxx

C.S. Osborne was established in 1826. An eighth generation family run business manufacturing quality hand tools for the industrial, upholstery and leather-craft industries.

An old fastener, traditionally used in the marine industry, Loxx has been reborn and found its way into golf car enclosures, replacing snaps which have been a standard.

The reason is simple with its Pull Up spring release action the Loxx fastener is much easier on your fingers. With no tug or pull on the material there is no risk of ripping your golf cart enclosure which often occurs with snaps.

Made of brass and stainless steel it will never rust. There is also a plus when it comes to installation because there are no tools needed except for a hole cutter. The washer screws into the fastener both top and bottom. Works with canvas, vinyl, fiberglass and all other types of surfaces.

Sal Granata with Village Cartworks in Summerfield Florida has been installing them on his enclosures. “Some of my customers with arthritis find it much easier to install and remove the enclosures with this fastener. The word is spreading and I’m doing a few hundred cart enclosures a month both new and old, replacing the snaps they currently have”.

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