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Green’Air Runs On Compressed Air

For short distances to the great outdoors will this compressed air cart be the future?

Golfs, resorts, tourist areas, and industrial spaces. This vehicle is the perfect option for short distances.

The Green’Air is equipped to carry two to four people or to bring equipment, offering comfort and ease in daily life and runs on compressed air.


R E F I L L  A N D  A I R  S T A T I O N

Our concept has several technological advantages, both ecological and economical. Compressed air is not itself an energy, but a means to store it, to restore it in the form of movement. Thus, the Green’Air moves using the compressed air. If you have abundant green energy, you can store it by compressing air into a tank. Energy will remain available without any loss. The filling of the Green’Air  tank takes place in 1 minute at the air station. A full tank of compressed air is sufficient for a day and the vehicle is immediately available for use. Fleet managers can proceed with the filling of tanks whenever required. Available energy stock can be managed according to needs. Green’Air is equipped with an almost indestructible reservoir: the theoretical longevity is estimated at twenty thousand filling cycles. You will not have an electric battery to be changed after a few years of use, and the storage power does not depreciate over the years.


A D V A N T A G E  O F  T E C H N O L O G Y

Our compressed air motor technology has a wealth of differentiating benefits. First of all, the fact that our engines are totally green is an asset for our environment, for users and also for your image. You will no longer have to wait for your vehicle to be recharged: one minute of connection on the air station is enough to restore autonomy for a new period of use without stopping. Our air tank has an exceptional longevity, theoretically evaluated at twenty thousand cycles. This represents over twenty years of use depending on whether you are charging it once or twice a day. No more battery change costs to predict.



We designed the body of our vehicles with fiberglass, polyurethane and resin. Covered with a gel-coat; if it is scratched, simply pass over with a cloth impregnated with a polishing product and it disappears.