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Halloween Is The Time To Show Off Your Spooky Golf Car

By now you may notice the crisp smell of autumn in the air and that means that Halloween is nearly upon us. If you have never been to or participated in a spooky Halloween themed parade, you are missing out. We have curated a few of our favorite Halloween golf car parades and included the information below. But first…
How to Decorate Your Golf Car for Halloween
When the ghosts and ghouls show up this Halloween, you and your golf car will be ready. Even if your community does not host a parade, decorating your golf car can still be a blast.
The most important part of golf car decorating is installing themed lights. Orange, black and purple lights are popular for Halloween. Connect them to an existing switch or directly to your aux battery for best results.
Spooky Decorations
Hit the clearance section of your local dollar store for skeletons, pumpkins, and other frightful yard decorations. Attach them to your golf car with zip ties for your very own custom golf car decorations.
Bone Chilling Sound Effects
If you already have a golf car audio package, Bluetooth some spooky Halloween sound effects or pop in a spooky CD, found in your local Walmart. Trick or treaters will hear you coming from down the block.
Bag of Candy
Become the most popular with the kids by having a big stash of assorted candy on your golf car. Your decorated golf car will be an instant kid magnet, so be sure to treat so you don’t get tricked.
Glow Accessories
Glow sticks have come a long way. Now there are glow necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. Decorate your golf cart by hanging glow accessories and also grab some extras to give out to the kids with the best costumes.
Don’t Forget Your Costume
Whether you throw on a scary mask or commit to a head to toe costume, get in the spirit. Halloween has no age limit.
If you live anywhere near these upcoming golf car parades, be sure to check them out:
Colonial Beach, VA- Colonial Beach Fall Festival and Halloween Golf Car Parade, October 26, 2019
Babcock Ranch, FL- Ghouls & Golf Cars Trunk or Treat Parade, October 31, 2019
Cutler Bay, FL- Cutler Bay Halloween Golf Car Parade, October 26, 2019
St. Augustine, FL- Spooky Halloween Bash and Golf Car Parade, October 12, 2019
Santa Claus, IN- Lake Rudolph Ghostly Golf Car Glow Parade, every Friday night between September 13 and October 26.
Lake Buena Vista, FL- Disney’s Fort Wilderness Halloween Golf Car Parade, various dates throughout October
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