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How to Safely Ship Your Golf Car

Golf cars can be tricky to transport, especially long distances. Whether you need to transport your golf car for a golf tournament or maybe you want to take your golf car to your lake house. Perhaps you purchased a new golf car online and need to have it delivered to your home. Whatever your situation may be, it may not be feasible to haul your golf car yourself Thankfully, shipping a golf car isn’t difficult if you know what to do.

Steps to Arrange Your Golf Car Shipping

Follow these steps for successful golf car shipping:

1. Determine Your Pick Up and Drop Off

The first step for shipping your golf car is to figure out where it will be picked up and delivered. Also figure out the time frame for pick up and delivery and make sure that someone will be there to release the golf car and receive it.

2. Find a Transport Company

Before you trust your golf car to just any shipping company, it is important to research transport companies. Make sure that any company you consider is capable of shipping golf cars and that they have experience.
Here are a few options:

3. Check the Reviews

Part of your research into a shipping company’s reputation should be reading reviews. Use websites like Google and Yelp to learn about the good and bad about the company. It is not advisable to ship your golf car with any company that has less than three stars on either site.

Scheduling and Booking Golf Car Shipping

Transporting a traditional vehicle from one coast of the US to the other takes about three weeks from pick up until drop off. If it is a shorter shipment of just a couple hundred miles, it may only take about ten days. Special shipments like golf cars typically take about three weeks. There are fewer vehicle carriers that are equipped to transport specialty vehicles, like a golf car or scooter. Because of this, shippers will need to make additional stops to pick up other specialty vehicles like motorcycles or other golf cars to complete their load.

Book your golf car shipment at least a month in advance of when you need it to be picked up. When your golf car is picked up and delivered, you may not be provided exact dates for either. You will be provided a “shipping window.” This means that your golf car will both be picked up within a window of three days and will be delivered within a period of about three days.

Preparation for Golf Car Shipment

When it comes to shipping a golf car, it is recommended that you prepare for shipment. Remove any personal items from the golf car, clean the golf car and take pictures immediately prior to it being picked up for shipping.

How Much Does Golf Car Shipping Cost?

The price of shipping your golf cart will depend on various factors. Where and when you are shipping will determine the cost. Another factor is the price of fuel at the time of shipping. Certain times of the year may cost more or less as well.

Use this guide to plan the successful and worry-free transport or your golf car.

About the Author: The Owner of WHEELZ Custom Carts & Accessories, Julie Starr was one of the industry’s first online retailers of golf car products. Her eCommerce store,, has been serving golf car owners since 2008 and the store remains a popular online shopping experience for golf car owners who want to take their golf cars to the next level.