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It’s Here! The Shelby Inspired Golf Cart From AC Golf Carts

About AC Golf Carts.

With absolute respect to the original Carroll Shelby approach the Officially Licensed Shelby range of golf carts start life as regular golf buggies. Shipped semi knocked down (SKD) to the companies facility where the experienced race car techs work their magic. Reconfigured with many features hand built, each Shelby Golf Cart carries a unique I.D plate specifying key details and date of completion.

Of course golf carts are designed and intended for use on golf courses and within golf resorts. The no.1 priority is to tune and refine the Shelby range to provide smooth, comfortable, sure footed and competent operation on fairways, cart paths and private roads.

All Shelby golf carts and resort carts are fitted with an on-dash performance mode selector switch. The driver can select low for regular golf course performance, smooth and responsive, top speed is capped at just under 20klm/h. When required, on private roads, and of course when its safe to do so the driver can select High for more aggressive acceleration and higher top speeds. Shelby Golf Carts and resort vehicles can be ordered several different specification levels.

The Shelby G.T.350 is fitted with a 4kw brushless and maintenance free motor. Performance is remapped to improve smooth acceleration, the suspension is refined to improve ride and handling while the G.T.500 features 4 wheel disc/drum hydraulic brakes, auto park brake, high powered 6.3kw AC motor, 3 point seat belts, 9’ Bluetooth touch screen with radio, speedo, reverse camera and Bluetooth connection to smart phone.