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Journey Dry Box Speaker by ECOXGEAR

The EcoJourney from ECOXGEAR is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker integrated with a dry case that’s 100% waterproof (IP67), drop proof, sand and dirt proof.

It’s large enough to hold your phone, tablet, camera, keys, wallet and more. Featuring a 65W speaker output, it provides incredible sound in a portable package while tough enough for every outdoor adventure.

To provide excellent audio quality, the Journey utilizes a 3-way speaker design with 1x coaxial speakers to handle vocals and midrange and a dedicated Woofer.

The EcoJourney has a built in 20,000mAh lithium Ion battery to charge your portable devices and up to 50 hours of playtime. Control all your audio without touching your phone. Answer phone calls and utilize Siri or Ok Google with the EcoTalk button.

Equipped with ECOXGEAR’s ECOCAST function, the Journey can be paired with up to 100 SoundExtreme soundbars and any speaker with the ECOCAST function.

Based in San Diego, California, ECOXGEAR is the leader in rugged, portable, and waterproof audio solutions catering to the outdoor world. ECOXGEAR’s offers a variety of lifestyle audio solutions for snow, powersports, campers, and any outdoor enthusiast. Each of its innovative products support true IP66/IP67 waterproof standards and exceed military specifications 810G. Check out ECOXGEAR’s growing line of golf car, powersports and portable audio solutions at