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K9Caddy By M3b, LLC

You’ll love being able to effortlessly keep up with your dogs as they Walk – Trot – Run exploring the sights, scents and enjoying their time with you!  Although your dog sets the pace, you retain complete control!  With safety being our priority, we are proud to announce that Golf Cart Dog K9Caddy is Veterinarian approved!

The idea behind our patent pending design is to provide dog/dogs freedom of movement all while preventing the animal from moving in front of the tires as the vehicle moves forward. The flexible arm helps to absorb shock, providing a comfortable experience for your dog, while the adjustable lead allows for more freedom of motion.

Made specifically for golf carts. Golf Cart Dog K9Caddy caters to everyone… urban golf carters, Disabled and/or Elderly folks who are unable to exercise their pets as much as they’d like.  If you have a dog and a golf cart then the K9Caddy is for you!

The Golf Cart Dog K9Caddy simply slides in behind the front and back seat of the cart, straps directly to the frame and you’re ready to go! No drilling needed.

  • It’s a safe and easy way for anybody with access to a golf cart to walk and run up to 3 dogs at a time!
  • Creates bonding time & promotes the good mental health of both driver & pet.
  • May be used with a pet sling to help aid your pet in physical therapy.
  • Can be used to run dogs at their top speed in a controlled manner.  Most of us wouldn’t be able to keep up on foot.
  • Can be used to walk a dog that pulls too hard on your joints.
  • Perfect for Dog Walking businesses, Pet Rescues who have multiple dogs to walk, golf cart friendly neighborhoods and retirement communities.

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