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Kansas Golf & Turf, Strength Capital and Ben Nelson Golf and Turf Partner to Provide the Highest-Quality Service & Equipment

Kansas Golf & Turf, a leading provider of premium golf cars and turf equipment owned by Corey and Brian McGreevy, and Strength Capital proudly announce their merger with Ben Nelson Golf and Outdoor, owned by Ben and Benji Nelson. Ben Nelson Golf and Outdoor, based in Mississippi, will continue its operations as a respected name in the golf, PTV, and commercial vehicles industry.

This merger bolsters Kansas Golf & Turf’s reach and service offerings, further solidifying its position as a premier supplier of golf cars and turf equipment. The merger allows the company to operate from five strategic locations across eight states, expanding its footprint in the golf car and turf equipment market.

Under the leadership of Corey and Brian McGreevy and Benji Nelson, the company will leverage its combined resources and expertise to drive operational efficiencies and enhance customer service.

“The merger with Ben Nelson Golf and Outdoor aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing unparalleled products and service to our customers,” stated Corey McGreevy, co-owner of Kansas Golf and Turf. “Our joint partnership with Strength Capital marks an important step in our growth strategy.”

Strength Capital partners with strong management teams to fuel growth and expansion and build stronger and more resilient businesses. “We are thrilled about our partnership with Kansas Golf & Turf and the merger with Ben Nelson Golf and Turf,” commented Steve Stefanko, principal at Strength Capital. “Together, we look forward to maximizing opportunities, driving growth and ensuring a seamless experience for customers, while maintaining the highest standards of quality.”

Benji Nelson stated, “This merger exemplifies a joint dedication to advancing the golf car and turf equipment sector. For the past decade, there has been an informal partnership with Kansas Golf & Turf. For years, we have felt we would be stronger together than we are apart. Strength Capital is the perfect partner to help us achieve that goal.”

About Kansas Golf & Turf:  Kansas Golf & Turf, owned by Corey and Brian McGreevy, founded in 1992 is a leading provider of premium golf cars and turf equipment. KGT offers a comprehensive range of products including E-Z Go, Cushman, Jacobsen, and others to meet the diverse needs of golf courses, landscaping professionals, government agencies and facility managers. Committed to excellence, KGT prides itself on delivering top-tier equipment and service.

About Strength Capital:  Strength Capital, co-founded in 2000 by Mark McCammon and Mike Bergeron, is a prominent investment firm specializing in partnering with companies to fuel their growth and expansion. Strength Capital builds stronger, more resilient businesses to achieve their full potential and drive long-term success. This merger came together under the leadership of Mike Bergeron, Steve Stefanko, Tommy and Joey Kreyenhagen and other associates with the firm.

About Ben Nelson Golf and Outdoor:  Ben Nelson Golf and Outdoor is an award-winning distributor and dealer for E-Z GO, Cushman, Aluma Trailers, and Hustler Turf products. Founded in 2001, owners Ben Nelson and his son Benji have built a 50+ person company with multiple locations. Ben Nelson has been a member of the PGA of America for 50 years. Both Ben and Benji have extensive expertise and relationships in the golf industry.

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