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Life in the Time of Coronavirus: Selling Golf Carts Like Hotcakes

You’ll find this little vehicle in just about every coastal city in the south – and in just about every city in Florida.

We’re talking about golf carts, of course.

And the pandemic has put even more of them on the road.

That’s the word from Paul Hayden, owner of American Pride Golf Cart Services in Bradenton.

“It’s a family-owned business. We buy American, and we sell American. And we like that. And it makes us proud – the whole family.”

          -Paul Hayden, Owner of American Pride Golf Cart Services in Bradenton

“My industry is doing well. My family is doing well. So as a provider, it’s what dads look for,” Hayden said. “I’m a traditional father, so it makes me proud.”

Hayden says, though proud, he’s deeply hesitant to even talk about his good fortune in a time of such need.

“It is difficult for me because when I see people that are downtrodden, things have happened many times were most times out of their control,” said Hayden.

Hayden explained that as a child, he suffered the loss of his father and later, a brother. He said his family went through a very challenging time, but he managed to build a life.

“So I’ve made it through those time periods because I dug in. I didn’t want to be – I didn’t want to be a victim to my circumstance,” Hayden said.

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