Maintaining Older Golf Car Batteries

If you have an old cart and old batteries that have not been taken care of, here are some tips for maintaining them.

1. Charge the Batteries

Be sure your batteries are fully charged then check the electrolyte level.2. Clean the Battery Posts Disconnect the battery terminals from all batteries.

Warning! Danger! Do not wear any jewelry such as rings or bracelets. A ring shorted to the ground can take off your finger. Your finger and the battery would both be trashed. A metal bracelet or necklace can cause equal damage. Be careful with the tools you use. Do not let the tools touch any battery posts and anything else at the same time.

2. Check all the battery posts for corrosion.

If they are not bright and shiny, they are corroded. Use a wire brush battery terminal cleaner? Absolutely not! They are next to useless. The battery posts should be bright and shiny. Taking wide screwdriver and scrape the side of the post and you will see the shiny difference. The posts should be shiny all the way around. You can find a simple tool for this at any golf cart shop.

3. Clean the Battery Terminals

Next, you need to clean the inside of the battery terminals. These are the round fasteners at the end of the battery leads. Use the same method as above to make the inside bright and shiny. If the battery leads are frayed or partially broken, replace them. If the cable ends are badly corroded, soak the ends in battery acid neutralizer until all corrosion is gone. Another caution is that jostling the batteries can cause active plate material to slough off and reduce battery life.

4. Check the Battery Holder Frame And Hold Down Brackets

While you have the batteries disconnected, lift them out and check the condition of the frame that holds them. If the frame this are rusted or corroded, they must be cleaned. It would also be a good idea to paint the frame with a rust preventative once they are cleaned. If the hold-down brackets are in bad shape, they should be replaced.

5. Clean the Entire Area with Battery Neutralizer

It is not a good idea to use baking soda to neutralize battery acid. The byproduct of baking soda and acid is environmentally unfriendly. Instead, paint all the areas with a good battery neutralizer and wash everything down. You can get this neutralizer at any golf cart shop.

6. Anti-corrosion Gel for All Connections

Now that everything is nice and clean and properly reconnected, apply the anti-corrosion gel to all connections. You can get the gel at any golf cart shop.

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