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Maximizing Your Golf Car Battery Capacity for the Busy Summer Months

The summer is nearly upon us! Up and down the streets in neighborhoods and RV parks, golf cars are being uncovered, washed, and prepped for the long, hot summer days. Now is a great time to remember a few things about your gold car batteries.

It’s Not All Fun and Golf Car Games

Golf car batteries require distilled water to be consistently added to keep the lead plates submerged in sulfuric electrolyte. Although the batteries are neatly tucked under the seat and out of sight, it is important to remember that they are there and in need of care.

When batteries run dry, they can overheat and eventually explode. Several house and outbuilding fires were reported last year from exploding golf car batteries. You, of course, don’t want to burn your house down. And, you want your golf car batteries to perform to their max so that you can enjoy your golf car for several hours at a time.

Here are the steps for maximizing your golf car batteries and avoid dangerous explosions.

  1. Charging

It is important to fully charge batteries before using your golf car and after every use. Overcharging your batteries may cause damage so be sure to use an automatic charger that detects the battery charge levels and shuts off automatically at the optimal charging level. Lester Links chargers are a great option.

  1. Perform Regular Maintenance

Typical maintenance includes adding distilled water, checking and cleaning connections and performing a monthly equalization charge. Get into the habit of performing these simple maintenance tasks to avoid big problems later on and reduced run times.

  1. Limit Discharge

Charging your golf car often and limiting the discharge of your battery pack to 50% or less will extend the life of your batteries.

  1. Monitor Each Battery

You know the expression, “One bad apple spoils the bunch.” Well, it can be true for your golf car battery pack also. If one of the batteries in the pack is beginning to go bad, it can put strain on the rest of the pack and increase the pack discharge rate. Use a hydrometer to take specific gravity readings on a regular basis. Identifying a bad cell in the early stages can save the rest of the batteries from unnecessary strain.

  1. Upgrade One, Upgrade All

Do you have aftermarket motors or gears on your golf car? Do you have a cargo box and carry extra weight? When you upgrade your golf car, consider upgrading your batteries, cables, connections, etc. Any upgrades that require extra power from your battery pack will deplete your run capacity.

As you get ready for the warm, fun-filled summer months, consider one of the most important components of your golf car- your batteries.

About the Author: The Owner of WHEELZ Custom Carts & Accessories, Julie Starr was one of the industry’s first online retailers of golf car products. Her eCommerce store,, has been serving golf car owners since 2008 and the store remains a popular online shopping experience for golf car owners who want to take their golf cars to the next level.