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The eMoke Takes Cool To The Streets

MOKE, the iconic heritage car that reached an international cult status when Brigitte Bardot drove it in St.Tropez, is making its debut in the United States. MOKE is the perfect automobile addition for a vacation home. The cars come in the traditional four-seat model with an open top featuring a retractable hood, ensuring that a MOKE owner drives always in style, rain or shine. For those who want the ultra personalized vehicle, custom hood options and seat covers are available upon special request. The cars are offered in a range of colors running the gamut from classic including black, red, white, and green, to eye-catching, vibrant hues of orange, turquoise, pink, and yellow. Additional customization features include updated paint options, grills and bonnets.

Beach Buggy Specs

The eMoke doesn’t have regenerative braking, unlike most major electric offerings. As far as the driving experience, this is a good thing—it means the brakes don’t constantly jar you with their abruptness. On the flip side, it means you’ve got to consider stopping about halfway down the block before you actually need to stop.

The steering on the eMoke is likewise vague. You kind of twist the wheel wherever you want, and the car eventually gets there. I liked driving the car (I use that term loosely) in the East Village, but its natural home is on a beach or a ranch or a back road coming back from the Barefoot Contessa in East Hampton. Lots of straightaways and room for people to pass you and admire your beach-tousled hair.

Here are the benefits of owning such a rig: The four plastic seats are easy to clean after a spin in the sand; the doorless sides allow for immediate ingress and egress; and there is a top cover if you want it. You can reference the Beatles or The Prisoner if you want to impress your friends with pop culture references from way back when. You can choose from eight paint colors and trim lines to make it feel personalized to your own style. It’s a cult car, for sure. Just with a very, very small congregation.

Contact: Moke USA  |  2100 NE 2nd Ave  |  Miami, FL 33137  |  305.290.3440  |