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Nivel Parts & Manufacturing Enters into a Distribution Agreement with Eco Battery

Nivel Parts & Manufacturing announced today that they have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Utah-based Eco Battery, a leading lithium battery manufacturer. Through this partnership, Nivel will serve as the exclusive aftermarket distributor of Eco Battery products to the Personal Transportation Vehicle (PTV) market. This partnership brings together the strengths of Eco Battery’s robust product line & innovation, with Nivel’s industry leading sales, marketing, and distribution network.

Exciting partnership with the Eco Battery and Nivel Team

Through decades of experience, Nivel has established themselves as the leading aftermarket golf cart parts & accessories supplier with an extensive dealer network and optimized distribution capabilities. As lithium battery demand continues to grow in the PTV space, Nivel understands the importance of offering a reliable and innovative battery line.

Eco Battery is well known for their high quality, continuous innovation, and intense focus on the customer experience. At the top of their game, Eco Battery continues to be a driving force behind PTV power by investing heavily in research and development. Through the partnership, Nivel becomes a leading lithium supplier and gains a strong lithium battery product line to supply their extensive dealer network and support the ever-growing customer demand. Donnie Jouppi, Nivel’s President of PTV stated ‘I’m excited about the tremendous opportunities this partnership brings us both, as we leverage each other’s strengths to grow!”

About Nivel

Founded in 1968, Nivel is a global manufacturer, distributor, and seller of aftermarket parts and accessories for PTV’s, UTV’s, and heavy-duty equipment while recently entering the PTV Vehicle space with the launch of the MadJax XSeries. Nivel is a trusted business partner to thousands of dealers, distributors, and consumers in the US and international markets. Nivel owns some of the most valuable brands in the aftermarket PTV, UTV, and heavy-duty equipment parts and accessories categories: MadJax XSeries, MadJax, Red Dot, GTW, Jake’s, Reliance, Seizmik, System 3, and Highlifter.

About Eco Battery

Eco Battery, was formed with a desire to build the best lithium batteries with a focus on innovation, quality, and world class customer service. They continue to transform the space through continuous investment in research and development with an intense focus on customer experience.