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Paradise Custom Carts

Paradise Custom Carts Gives Back To The Evansville Police Department And The Community

Paradise Custom Carts is located in Newburgh, Indiana and is owned and operated by Christopher Elam and Robin Craig.  Christopher has a background in Class A commercial vehicles, both driving and performing mechanical repairs on them.  Robin has practiced in Indiana as a trial attorney for the past 23 years.  Most of the time Robin is working with clients who are going through the worst crisis of their life, the stakes are high and the results are often life-changing.

For years, Robin’s family has vacationed at Ocean Lakes Family Campground in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where golf carts of all colors, models and styles are a part of the daily vacation life.  Christopher and Robin both wanted to be a part of an industry that was focused around this family activity.  This was the motivation or inspiration behind opening PCC.

I remember sitting and reading comments by people, praising law enforcement and equally as many people criticizing law enforcement.  I remember thinking that it is easy for us as citizens to sit back and criticize the people we read about, whether members of the community or members of law enforcement, but at some point, change must occur.  We have to stop those few officers who might use their badge to make bad decisions, and we must let the community see that just because there is one person who might make a bad decision, doesn’t take away from the 99% of officers who are genuinely risking their life and sacrificing of themselves and their family to make our community a better place.  It’s easy to sit there and judge, but how many of us are doing something to bring about this change that is needed?  Then the question turned to “What could I possibly do to help?”  Other than to sit there and have an opinion on what is right or wrong, what can I do to improve the situation? I certainly have no control over the police department. I certainly can’t change the mind of those who can only focus on the negative examples. What can I do?

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