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RELiON Battery – Now Available InSight Series™ 24V Battery

Meet the latest addition to the InSight family! Designed and engineered from the ground up by our team of battery experts, RELiON’s InSight 24V lithium battery was built specifically to meet the power and energy requirements in floor machines, electric motorized hand trucks, walk behind pallet jacks, and other material handling applications. By eliminating the “opportunity charge” often required with lead-acid batteries, operators can complete their task without having to stop, charge and wait.

Save Time With Lithium
No Maintenance – No watering, no corrosion
Partial State Of Charge Tolerant – No damage if not fully charged
Highly Efficient – Fast recharge with full power throughout discharge
Longer Life – Up to 10x longer life span than lead-acid
Standard GC2 Case – Drop-in ready

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About RELiON Battery:
RELiON is a global innovator of battery storage ideas. Found ed in 2014, the company is on a mission to bring LiFePO4 battery solutions to the global market. RELiON products power a range of applications including, Recreational Vehicles, Marine, Electric Vehicles, Solar Powered Solutions and more. The company offers a full range of services and high-quality products that continue to pave the way forward to a greener and more efficient future for energy storage. For more information on RELiON, visit