Renew Protect

Innovative new product line, Renew Protect, introduces a wipe-on annual treatment to provide restoration, preservation, and dry rot prevention to golf cart, home, auto, motorcycle, boat, and RV markets.

Renew Protect is a completely new and economical approach to surface restoration and preservation. Renew Protect’s Satn, Blak, Gloz, and Dash are designed to restore and protect the appearance of tires, trim, bumpers, dashes, door panels, golf carts, spa covers, seals, hoses, rubber, plastic, vinyl, bed liners, finished leather, and more.

Unlike protectants currently on the market, Renew Protect is silicone and oil-free and contains no harsh or slippery chemicals. Renew Protect prevents dry rot and greatly extends the life of items that receive an annual Renew Protect treatment.

The Renew Protect product line provides an elastomeric copolymer dry-seal protective finish which exceeds OEM specifications. Renew Protect repels dirt and water and provides a rich new appearance lasting 1 to 2 years. Renew Protect products provide unsurpassed UVA protection and require only mild detergent for cleaning.

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