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Streetrod Golf Cars

The Keepers of Craftmanship. Streetrod Continues to Impress with All New LUX

American Entrepreneurs at Their Finest

For over twenty years, Streetrod has been designing and building the world’s finest golf cars and low speed vehicles. Back in the mid-nineties, Craig Schmidt began manufacturing the first cars in a small garage in Iowa. In no time, his elite team of artisans had developed a unique product of high quality and value with worldwide recognition. Streetrod’s commitment to unique product development and growth in the industry continues to delight drivers of all types from every corner of the globe.

In 2015, a neighboring local company acquired Streetrod Golf Cars. Pritchard Companies, an automotive business family-owned since 1913, saw great potential in the team’s passion for building and devotion to quality. Since that time, Schmidt has continued to lead the Streetrod team in building the Vintage custom cars it’s globally acclaimed for while also embarking on an exciting new endeavor: The LUX.

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