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The Age Old Question: Gas vs Electric Golf Cart

The Gas vs Electric Golf Cart argument has always been popular and usually, people have a preference based on their experiences with the two types of carts.

Who is The Ideal Gas Golf Cart Consumer?

For golfers, the ideal gas golf cart consumer should be someone that lives in rough terrain and has steep hills to climb up on the course. An electric golf cart might not be able to get the job done and a gas golf cart gives peace of mind.

Another ideal trait of a gas golf cart consumer is that you do not want to have to worry about charging at night and do not want the responsibility. As long as you have gas then you are good.

Pros of Gas Golf Carts

  • More Terrain Versatility – A gas golf cart does much better with steep hills and rough terrain because it has more horsepower to do tougher tasks.
  • Longer Use – A gas golf cart is going to last much longer on a full tank of gas compared to an electric golf cart on a full battery in almost every case out there.
  • No Charge – Obviously, a gas golf cart will not need a charge. All that you have to do is throw some gas in and you are good to go. Too many times electric golf carts are useless because someone forgot to charge them the night before.

Cons of Gas Golf Carts

  • They are Loud – Anyone that knows golf carts knows how loud a gas golf cart can be. The noise alone can make some people turned off by them when purchasing a cart. If that really matters to you, it can be a deal-breaker.
  • Cost to Run – Contrary to popular belief, a gas cart is actually more expensive by the day because gas prices add up. Day to day an electric cart is cheaper.
  • Using Gas – If the environment and using gas matters to you, then this could also be a deal-breaker. An electric cart is eco-friendlier.

Average Price of a Gas Golf Cart

Golf carts have a super wide range of prices, but we can come up with a broad range of prices that you are going to see.

According to Cost Owl, a gas golf cart can be anywhere from $4,000 all the way up to $15,000. The average price range is going to be closer to the $5,000 to $10,000 range.

Who is The Ideal Electric Golf Cart Consumer?

The ideal electric golf cart consumer cares about being more silent and does not like a lot of noise with their golf cart. The noise can be disruptive and obnoxious with some gas golf carts and it annoys some people.

Another trait is that electric golf cart people do not have very rough terrain to navigate and they care about the environment. If this sounds like you then it might be a no-brainer to purchase or use an electric golf cart!

So, there you have it for an unbiased look at golf and electric golf carts. Hopefully, it really helped you learn the positives and negatives to each side of the argument.

Pros of Electric Golf Carts

  • Environmental Impact – Electric golf carts do not use gas and produce emissions into the atmosphere, so that is a major plus for electric golf carts.
  • Almost No Noise – A huge selling point to consumers and people on a golf course about electric golf carts is that they are silent. You really can’t hear an electric golf cart in most cases unless you have clubs banging together in the back.
  • Cheaper Day to Day – Not using gas is not only a major plus for the environment, but also for your wallet day to day. Plugging into an outlet and charging a golf cart for the night is cheaper in most cases compared to gasoline.

Cons of Electric Golf Carts

  • Cost in the Long Term – An expense that golf cart owners usually forget is that even though they will save on gas, they have battery expenses. Switching out batteries can be a pain for some people, and you have to keep that in mind.
  • Lack of Power – Electric golf carts are just not great for areas that have a lot of elevation changes. Going up something steep in an electric golf cart is not fun and you might not make it up the steep hill!
  • Charging – It really is inconvenient if you are not responsible and forget to charge a cart. Nothing is worse than having a golf cart die on the road or on the fairway at your local golf course!

Average Price of an Electric Golf Cart

Electric golf carts fall in the same range as gas golf carts, but electric golf carts actually tend to be a bit cheaper than gas golf carts on average.

The same exact model in gas and electric is most likely going to be cheaper on the electric side. So, if you are a real bargain hunter, then electric might be the way to go since it is cheaper and often, they are cheaper to maintain.

How Much Are Used Gas and Electric Golf Carts?

The average prices for both gas and electric golf carts fall into the $2,000 to $5,000 range. Sometimes gas used golf carts can be found cheaper than electric, but it all varies on the condition and age of the cart.

The Best Gas and Electric Golf Cart Brands

The best brands to look for in the gas and electric golf cart space are:

Club Car

There are other small brands out there but those are the top three in the industry for both types of carts.