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Top Four Ways VCarts Deliver A Higher Performance Experience For You And Your Customer

If you ask our founder why he launched VCarts, he’ll tell you it was an idea born of frustration. He just wanted to buy his wife a golf cart—a six-seater, something the whole family could enjoy—he called around to every surrounding dealership, but nothing he wanted would be in stock for another 12 weeks. The golf carts that were available would definitely need to be customized, which takes another 3-4 weeks. While on the phone with one of the largest golf cart dealerships in Texas, it was suggested to him that if he couldn’t wait, then maybe they could sell him the golf cart that the warehouse guys had been using to get around the building—a steal at only $15k. Thanks, but no thanks.

When frustrations begin with the manufacturers, and those frustrations start getting passed down to the customers, it becomes quite clear that dealers are not getting the service from their manufacturers they need to differentiate themselves from their competitors. This is exactly where VCarts has found its niche in the golf cart market. Quality carts and great service, and these two simple things have dealers across the country signing up for exclusive territories to sell VCarts.

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