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Trojan EV, A New Era In Advanced EV Golf Carts

We made Trojan EV electric golf carts with one goal in mind:To manufacture the best-performing, safest, most durable, and most enjoyable street-legal electric vehicle ever sold in the United States.

We know there are plenty of other electric golf carts to choose
from on the market, but none match the price, value, features, safety, and enjoyment that you get from Trojan EV.

As golf carts have been going through a sort of revolution, taking them off of the golf courses and into neighborhoods and communities, we began to realize the need for better options, better performance, better handling and stability, and better style. Carts are no longer just for golfers.

People are using them to get around their neighborhoods, to socialize with neighbors, to spend time with their families. Each of these people has unique requirements to what they are needing or wanting in a cart.
We thought we should build on that and provide a cart that fits the needs of everyone. Trojan EV has a long list of safety features to keep your family safe when cruising your neighborhood, it has the power and speed to have a truly fun drive, and additional accessories like built-in sound systems to make riding around enjoyable for all.

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