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Vegas Carts Moving To Jacksonville, Florida

Starting on June 14th, we will be halting all shipping for two weeks during our cross-country move. Any order placed after 6/14 by 12:00am EST, will be shipped from our Jacksonville facility at the beginning of July when we are settled in.
In the last couple of years, we have significantly outgrown our shop and had to consider upgrading. Moving is always a big headache and we wanted to make sure that if we were going to invest the resources to pack up all of our machines and set them up in a new place, it had to be worth it.
We have been operating out of the same 5000sqft space that we started in back in 2012. Our new facility is 22,000sqft and will allow us to grow beyond anything that we can imagine in the near future!
With this extra space, we will be able to add a fiber laser system, in-house powder coat, additional mandrel tubing benders and a robotic welding cell which will increase our quality and production as well as keep costs low.
Shop tours will be available once we are fully operational, towards the end of the year.
Why Jacksonville?
1. 70% of our customers are on the East Coast
2. Skilled Labor Pool
4. Low Cost of Living
5. Centrally located in the Southeast
6. Florida has an amazing business climate and is very pro-manufacturing
7. Nice & Quiet Beaches 🙂
8. Low Population density for a major city
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