The Wacky World Of Golf Cars

10 Wacky Gift Ideas for the Golf Car Owner

As the holiday season quickly approaches, it is time to start thinking about gift ideas. I have searched high and low for my favorite golf car gift ideas and have put them all together in one handy gift guide. Be sure to share with family and friends to guarantee the best golf car gifts will be wrapped under the holiday tree.

#1 Vegas Golf VIP Edition Game

Take your golf outing to the next level with Vegas Golf VIP Edition. Only one game needed per foursome. Decide on the value of each of the 19 authentic poker chips and start your golf round. The goal is to collect as many positive chips throughout the round of golf and avoid the negative chips. Total up the payoff at the end of the round. Winner buys drinks! The golfer in your life will appreciate this thoughtful gift and the laughs that come with it. Order yours here:

#2 The Back Buddy

Designed to assist golf car drivers who have difficulty reaching the foot pedals and those who need added lumbar support, the Back Buddy is a simple, yet useful gift idea. Made in the USA with high quality fade-free fabric, the adjustable straps fit any brand of golf car. Order this one in advance, as they typically take 2 weeks to ship. Order yours here:

#3 Chilly Cheeks

Enjoy outdoor activities in your golf car all year round with Chilly Cheeks. Freeze or microwave the flexible gel pack, position it into the seat cover and either chill or warm your golf car seat, depending on the season. Chilly Cheeks is big-butt tested and hot-flash approved. Order yours here:

#4 Renew Protect

The Renew Protect product line is a once a year protectant that restores the appearance of golf car plastics and protects from future damage. EVERY golf car should have a coat of Renew Protect and this Home Set provides everything needed to restore any make/model golf car and keep it looking new for years to come. Order the Home Set as the perfect gift here:

#5 Super Bright LEDs

Whether you are looking to add beacons or side markers to your golf car, LED light strips, or replace the factory headlights, Super Bright LEDs has the perfect lighting solution. LED lights use a fraction of the power that traditional halogen bulbs use, saving your batteries. If you haven’t made the switch to LED golf car lights, they make the ideal gift idea:

#6 The Ninety Degree

Most golfers carry a wedge in their golf bags, but do they carry the Ninety Degree wedge? For all of the cigar smoking golfers in your life, this gift idea will be one to remember. Available in black or white, the Ninety Degree will securely support your lit cigar while golfing or cruising around in your golf car. This gift idea will be the most original under the tree. Get yours here:

#7 Towel it Up

The custom, soft terry cloth golf car seat cover towel keeps you cool and dry in the summer and warm in the winter. Perfect for keeping sand, grass, and debris off of your golf car seat covers. Available in hundreds of patterns and styles. Towel it Up fits any make/model golf car seat and is made in the USA. Choose the perfect Towel it Up gift here:

#8 Cart Buddy

Are you tired of bruising your legs on the hard hip restraint arm rests found on most golf cars? Cart Buddy provides the solution and a great gift idea. The padded design provides extra comfort and cushioning for arms, legs, and hips while riding in your golf car. There is a style available for all makes and models and they are upholstered with marine grade vinyl. Order a Cart Buddy for the perfect holiday gift:

#9 Cap-Off

Help the golf car owner in your life avoid frustration and pain by gifting a Cap-Off this holiday.  The battery cap remover prevents skin and clothes from coming into contact with battery acid. Remove battery caps for regular maintenance quickly and safely. This is the stocking stuffer that every golf car owner will love to see this holiday:

#10 Golf Car and Vehicle Leather Organizer

Perfect for filling the front seat gap of a car or truck, the gap filler organizer pockets also provide the perfect storage space for golf cars. Manufactured with leather and available in choice of 4 colors, the seat gap filler organizer pockets are a great solution for vehicles and golf cars. Order your set of two here:

BONUS GIFT IDEA: Don’t forget to order a subscription of Golf Car Options for all of the golf car lovers in your life. Order a gift subscription here:

About the Author: The Owner of WHEELZ Custom Carts & Accessories, Julie Starr was one of the industry’s first online retailers of golf car products. Her eCommerce store,, has been serving golf car owners since 2008 and the store remains a popular online shopping experience for golf car owners who want to take their golf cars to the next level.