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Wearable Tech Solution: Setting The Standard In Keyless Technology

A keyless push button start system for everything you ride or drive.

Golf Carts:
Never hassle with keys again! Now you can add the security and convenience of RFID Keyless technology, and operate your golf cart with just the touch of a button! Simply wear your watch as it replaces your keys.

This innovative watch features a concealed key fob within its sleek design, providing users with the ability to start and drive their golf carts effortlessly, eliminating the need for traditional keys. The watch not only offers its self as a stylish accessory, but also serves as a sophisticated security system accessory. As users approach their vehicle, the system automatically detects the watch, disarms the security measures, and allows for a hassle-free start. When the watch moves out of range, the system intuitively arms itself, ensuring that the vehicle remains protected from unauthorized access.

Virtues of the Luxury Keyless Watch Fob. Why stop at just golf carts!

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