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Windy Nation Introduces Solar Charge Controller Specifically Designed For Battery Golf Carts

Plug-and-play operation to effectively charge battery powered golf carts with solar power.

Ventura, CA, December 16, 2022 – Windy Nation, a leader in off-grid renewable energy products has developed and released a new intelligent solution for charging 36 and 48-volt golf cart battery systems.

The Windy Nation GC10 Golf Cart Solar Charge Controller is compatible with lithium, AGM, and gel batteries, and has an automatic 36V or 48V DC detect function that will identify the battery voltage upon initial battery connection. The controller uses MPPT boost technology to allow standard 12-volt solar panels to be used for a highly efficient and battery-friendly charge control.

The controller contains all the features you would expect from a high-end solar controller with built in protection for overvoltage, short circuit, reverse polarity, PV panel reverse current, over charging, and over temperature protection. In the event of a short circuit or overload event, the system will be protected and remain undamaged.


  • Compact size can be mounted conspicuously
  • Intelligent BOOST Charging of 36V or 48V battery banks with 12 Volt panel
  • Auto sensing for 36V or 48V systems
  • IP67 Rated Suitable for Outdoor Use
  • Compatible with all battery types including gel, sealed, lithium
  • Pre-wired MC4 compatible connector for easy panel install
  • Pre-terminated battery connection with 3/8” ring terminals
  • Built-in overload and short circuit protection
  • Automatic self-recovery after fault removal
  • LED system status indicators
  • Wide operating temperature range -25˚C to +55˚C (-13˚F to +131˚F)
  • Optional Wireless Bluetooth adapter for monitoring and provisioning
  • Throttled input current to allow for additional solar input

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