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XiQ, A Vehicle Technology Startup, Reveals New Fleet Product and Partner Announcement

An easily integrated smart device that enables security, convenience, and fleet management for non-automotive vehicles.

The team at XiQ, a vehicle security and informatics startup, announces its first fleet implementation for their breakthrough Stinger™ device in a new commercial partnership with a leading southeast fleet vehicle business.

Top Deck Golf Carts, located in Port Aransas, Texas, has committed to an initial three-year purchase plan that will see the patented Stinger™ ignition device installed on more than 1,500 rental golf carts at four coastal resorts near Corpus Christi, Texas. Along with the partnership announcement, XiQ also reveals the new FleetQi™(fleet-key) brand to mark the maturity milestone of their fleet security device.

XiQ’s FleetQi™(fleet-key) is a next step evolution of the Stinger™ device. The Stinger™ device replaces the manual key ignition with a programmable keypad that syncs to a mobile phone app, which can be used to control and monitor the vehicle’s systems. The device works on many vehicle brands without the need for drilling, additional wiring, or expensive redesigning. The simple low-cost installation is easy enough for retail consumers but also cost effective for marinas, golf resorts, or hunting lodges who manage fleets of vehicles. Once installed, the Stinger™ technology can be leveraged by businesses using FleetQi™.

Kyle Wagner, Owner of Top Deck Golf Carts said, “We plan to include this technology, that’s made in the USA, on future expansions which will at least double our current fleet over the next four to five years.” Additionally, the devices were so well received by the Top Deck staff that both parties have begun early discussions about adding the devices to future boat rental fleets managed by Top Deck.

CEO of XiQ, Karlos Walkes responded, “Top Deck’s confidence in us reinforces our mission to support a safe experience out there on the road or water. This valuable relationship highlights a shared commitment to create a hardware infrastructure that will support new data driven insights for undiscovered efficiencies.” Walkes went on to say, “We’re beyond excited to be a part of their operations team and I’m truly happy to know their customers will enjoy the keyless experience.”

Features of FleetQi™ include:

  • Secure PIN code vehicle control: Keyless 4-digit activation.
  • Digital Battery Meter: 12V-48V battery level guide.
  • Dynamic Code Memory: Change user codes quickly and easily anytime.
  • “One-Click” Mobile Vehicle Control: Ignition activation via the mobile app.
  • Mobile Device ID: Device detection and identification via the app.

Carts are not just for golf courses anymore. They serve many lifestyle and fleet markets. Resorts, small towns, and many southern beach communities allow Low Speed Vehicles (LSV), known to many as “street legal golf carts”, on their roads. More people are choosing LSVs for their errands and spending more drive time in their carts. LSVs are a growing market, however, digital conveniences offered in modern automobiles are not available for LSVs. XiQ has been shaking up this underserved multi-billion-dollar digital market with its signature Stinger™ keyless ignition device for nearly five years. Now, they extend their offerings to support rental fleet operations with FleetQi™.

About Top Deck Carts
Top Deck Golf Carts is the largest rental cart outfitter in the State of Texas. The company specializes in luxury upgrades such as patented customized canopies and electronic add-ons. Top Deck’s growth has benefited from excellent customer experiences, lifestyle enhancing custom vehicles, and their ability to secure exclusive supplier deals with several large upscale urban community developments along the coastal region. They have several locations near Corpus Christie, Texas with headquarters in Port Aransas.

About XiQ
XiQ is an innovative vehicle informatics company targeting non-automotive and marine vehicles. The company has sold numerous consumer devices to recreational or non-automotive distributors as well as individual cart enthusiasts. The Stinger™ is now available at select retailers. FleetQi™ technology is now available for commercial fleet partnerships. XiQ has been recognized by the Atlanta angel investor community and featured in numerous articles covering startup ventures worth following. The engineering team is proud to have developed, designed and assembled their products in the United States of America.