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The Social Lync

Fort Myers, FL – In December 2020 Social Lync LLC was founded as a way to help golf car dealerships better manage their online presence.

n the wake of Covid-19 and the push to online sales, unfortunately many dealerships were not strategically ready to shift to the world of online shopping.

Our goal is to create and manage the dealerships entire digital media presence so the focus is not taken away from the day to day operations. This strategy has been field tested at a few dealerships across the US with amazing results! We charge a flat monthly fee for our services and work with the dealers to create a strategy that is custom to their surroundings.

Social Lync founder Brett McNeilly has a background in the golf car industry working for both an OEM and managing a dealership so he understands how important a solution like this can be for a dealer. We hope to be a part of many dealerships’ digital media strategy in the future!

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