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Vantage-Tag PACER Single Rider Golf Car

Vantage-Tag PACERPACER Single-Rider Golf Cart. FREE & available now at $0 zero cost. Distributors/Dealers wanted. Earn 6 figure income in the first year. We are offering exclusive territories, lease/revenue share or sell. Increase pace of play, 4 plus rounds on a single charge, promotes single-rider social distancing, upgrade to Vantage-Tag GPS Infinity System.

• Restore revenue during Covid-19 Social Distancing Protocols
• Free of charge to qualifying courses in exchange for a rental revenue split of 70% to Vantage and 30% to club
• Reduce germs / contamination
• Faster pace of play
• Offers an outdoor experience to people tired of being cooped up inside
• Exercise, family enjoyment
• Good for mental health
• Much longer battery life … Up to six rounds on a single charge
• Terrific club publicity
• Comes factory equipped with the Vantage TAG System, and is upgradeable to the Vantage Infinity Screen at any time
• The Infinity Screen offers additional revenue opportunities

Contact: Vantage TAG Systems